Wednesday, August 31, 2011

using nail polish on beads & 2 fun bracelets

hey ----- wait a minute, this was supposed to be auto-posted 26 days ago.... it was set up and it did not post?grrrrrrr, this has happened a few times and at first  I thought it was just me.

 I have been successful with using nail polish on beads.... it's really sticking on there! Hopefully I'll find the correct photos of the process of this before I publish this post. If you wash and dry most plastic beads, then using a good nail polish - Sally Hansen or wet n wild - the polish should last on the beads.

left plain black plastic bead - right after sponging on silver chrome nail polish

On the left, I used small black plastic beads along with silver embellished plastic beads. I painted the black beads silver, using the brush from the nail polish after I wired them. The polish dried very fast.

On the right, I used a craft sponge brush from Micheal's to apply the silver polish, I wanted some of the original black bead to show through. I also added 4 large clear faceted beads to this bracelet.

I haven't seen fancy plastic beads like this available in stores for a few years...... I would love to find more drum shaped and other squat round shaped plastic beads in the future. It seems like Micheal's is really into glass beads at the moment. I like plastic stuff! They are just as pretty to me.


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