Sunday, August 7, 2011

pretty teal bead bracelets & a few other bracelets

 Two teal coloured bracelets I have made in the last month or so. using some of the beads from a starter set of glass and seed beads from Micheal's..... a few plastic beads and some pretty teal plastic pearls ( also from Micheal's). The teal froggy beads ( on the left ) are taken from a necklace i bought 6 years ago and removed- but hung onto......

The bracelet on the right has a few real crystals, I also used the large jump rings with seed beads to 'beef' these up, i still think they are a little sparse but i have to try to not overdo stuff.

a few more button bracelets that I have made.... I am still into these and try to wear a button bracelet at least once a week..... they are just buttons.... so simple....

These are on large black jump rings on black chain

i found these bags of buttons at my favirote dollar store in town, Loony Twoons dollar store for $1.29 each.

 And a few other bracelets. Starting from the left, clear round faceted plastic beads that I made a cage with thin black wire - I would still like to add something to this one - no sure what.

The teal acid wash looking beads were found at a thrift store in my town for like, 25 cents.  I used black wire & small black jump rings to string them together

Third is a simple style. Large black wire jump rings with 3 to 5 copper beads.... so simple

And finally, black and copper seed beads on jump rings, some pretty copper design drum-shaped beads on a black chain.

 .... another angle

 that's it for today..... just a few more posts and I will get caught up


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