Saturday, September 10, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

matte metal earrings....

Here is a few more pairs of earrings I have made using this light matte metal. I used chair, eye pins and various beads. I still have about 10 pairs of this matte metal ear-wires, so I want to make a few more pairs of earrings.

beloe left, 2 different types of chain, i snipped off the head pin part and made the base then strung on beads in a pretty pattern. On the right I used 3 different types of chain, beads and an eye pin, stringing the beads on and making an eye at the other end

below left, I used 2 different types of chain, and attached seed beads on jump rings to the main chain, then cut another type of chain different lengths. Used 2 different types of oval jump rings to attach to the ear-wire.

Belos right, I used an eye pin, to string on.......errr....ummmmm...... instructions will be complicated to type out- but this was not complicated to make, just time consuming. I used seed beads and plastic gem beads for this one, as well as various styles of  matte metal chain.

.... collection pic

and here is the beginning of 3 bracelets. will I finish before 2012?

Friday, September 2, 2011

stuff I made August 15th to august 20th

 above seed beads, wire and plastic pink/purple round beads.

 A few pairs of earrings I made the week of August 8th to the 22-ish. I found some fabulous earring bases for $1.50 for 8 - 10 pairs at walmart and Micheals stores..... they were actually cheaper at Micheals craft stores. so far I have made these 3 pairs....... the rest of the earrings on this post are made with wire and seed beads or other beads...... very eary but time consuming. I think the above pairs took 1 hour for each pair.

earring bases from Micheals Craft stores and Walmart

Earring base on left from Micheals Craft Stores, pair on right is wire with seed beads

Thursday, September 1, 2011

a fun seed bead earring

The two pairs of earrings above are made with two different sizes of seed beads, and chain. I used a 22 gauge wire for the seed beads and no jump rings to attach them together, I made sure that each loop at the end of the wires was in opposite directions so it would sit the way it does.

These two pairs of earrings are of the same pattern. However, using different sized seed beads as well as the amount on each wire can be configured in many different ways. The possibilties are endless and I have several ideas in mind for some future projects.

my project for the next week

Here is an exploded view of design of these earrings

I cut a bunch of different sized pieces of wire to add my seed beads to.......

I stopped to take photos, so I estimate these to take 1 hour for each pair of earrings

i used the beads from the pink and blue set of seed beads

ta-da finished

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

using nail polish on beads & 2 fun bracelets

hey ----- wait a minute, this was supposed to be auto-posted 26 days ago.... it was set up and it did not post?grrrrrrr, this has happened a few times and at first  I thought it was just me.

 I have been successful with using nail polish on beads.... it's really sticking on there! Hopefully I'll find the correct photos of the process of this before I publish this post. If you wash and dry most plastic beads, then using a good nail polish - Sally Hansen or wet n wild - the polish should last on the beads.

left plain black plastic bead - right after sponging on silver chrome nail polish

On the left, I used small black plastic beads along with silver embellished plastic beads. I painted the black beads silver, using the brush from the nail polish after I wired them. The polish dried very fast.

On the right, I used a craft sponge brush from Micheal's to apply the silver polish, I wanted some of the original black bead to show through. I also added 4 large clear faceted beads to this bracelet.

I haven't seen fancy plastic beads like this available in stores for a few years...... I would love to find more drum shaped and other squat round shaped plastic beads in the future. It seems like Micheal's is really into glass beads at the moment. I like plastic stuff! They are just as pretty to me.


New seed bead sample sets and some wire from and auto supply store

 I found these bead sets at my favirote dollar store in town, Loonie Twoons dollar store. they were $1.29 each, which is a good price for a sampling of beads. I have already whipped up a few pairs of earrings that I will photograpgh and blog tomorrow.

I have already transferred these beads into tiny zip lock bags.

browns / pinks / teals

white/black / purple / greens

 ...... and a few other things I picked up at Princess auto supply store - the small containers are very small

Monday, August 8, 2011

new walmart goodies and some stuff i made

here are a few pairs of earrings and a bracelet I have made recently, as well as some walmart bargains. I used copper earring bases from Micheal's, with seed beads and other plastic beads. and two pairs of copper chains and seed beads. These were all super easy to make; however I find coming up with a design I like to be the hardest part.

Whenever I try to copy a piece of jewelery I have seen in a store or online I don't have any problem - but when I have to whip something up with beads and findings I have on hand I often take a long time to find a satisfactory finished product.

 black, brown & copper bracelet, copper earrings and copper chain earrings.

 pretty silver bugle beads, smaller toggle clasps, earring set ( times2) not shown, copper head pins

the new toggle clasps i bought on the left and the regular sized ones I usually use

even at full price, this is a good deal; except Walmart has changed their packaging and jacked up all their prices - i hate it when companies do that - but it is cool to find the discounted bargains........

 i snagged 3 of these for $1.85 each..... i never noticed this smaller size before

the larger size and the smaller size