Thursday, September 1, 2011

a fun seed bead earring

The two pairs of earrings above are made with two different sizes of seed beads, and chain. I used a 22 gauge wire for the seed beads and no jump rings to attach them together, I made sure that each loop at the end of the wires was in opposite directions so it would sit the way it does.

These two pairs of earrings are of the same pattern. However, using different sized seed beads as well as the amount on each wire can be configured in many different ways. The possibilties are endless and I have several ideas in mind for some future projects.

my project for the next week

Here is an exploded view of design of these earrings

I cut a bunch of different sized pieces of wire to add my seed beads to.......

I stopped to take photos, so I estimate these to take 1 hour for each pair of earrings

i used the beads from the pink and blue set of seed beads

ta-da finished

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