Monday, September 5, 2011

matte metal earrings....

Here is a few more pairs of earrings I have made using this light matte metal. I used chair, eye pins and various beads. I still have about 10 pairs of this matte metal ear-wires, so I want to make a few more pairs of earrings.

beloe left, 2 different types of chain, i snipped off the head pin part and made the base then strung on beads in a pretty pattern. On the right I used 3 different types of chain, beads and an eye pin, stringing the beads on and making an eye at the other end

below left, I used 2 different types of chain, and attached seed beads on jump rings to the main chain, then cut another type of chain different lengths. Used 2 different types of oval jump rings to attach to the ear-wire.

Belos right, I used an eye pin, to string on.......errr....ummmmm...... instructions will be complicated to type out- but this was not complicated to make, just time consuming. I used seed beads and plastic gem beads for this one, as well as various styles of  matte metal chain.

.... collection pic

and here is the beginning of 3 bracelets. will I finish before 2012?

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