Saturday, August 6, 2011

a few new things & blue glass bead jewelery

 small glass beads from the dollar store

boooooo-  one of the dollar stores in my town went out of business, so everything was 1/2 price. I grabbed these few things below. I appreciate the beauty of glass beads but I am a fan of uniformity, so I very rarely use these in jewelery making or even purchase jewelery with glass beads = unless it is just 1 special glass bead.

anyhoo- here are few bargains I had picked up last month. On top is stuff from the dollar store.....and below is a small bag of plastic pearl beads as well as a large chain that I will utilize for other re-fashion projects.
 I have successfully painted these types of plastic pearls with nail polish - notably the discontinued sally Hansen chrome polish, and using a normal kitchen sponge to add some colour as well = they end up looking somewhat antique - but i like that. eventually i would like to use the nail polish water marbling technique on these in the future ( which is messy but soooooo pretty )....

on the right is a bracelet that I made with odd shaped glass beads from a beginners set of beads from Micheal's craft stores ( the pail of beads ) on the left is a bracelet I made with the smaller blue glass beads. I fished out the lighter coloured BI-CONE beads from the dollar store package and made the earrings, which i used jump rings to attach to a chain.

I know i don't have to jam pack these charm/bead bracelets with stuff, but they seem sparse on my wrists...... so I might make some small colour coordinated jump rings to add to the below bracelets

 For the above and below bracelets I used some large blue plastic beads that I found at the thrift store (a year ago!!!!!) real crystal, smaller faceted pale blue plastic beads and long cylindrical plastic beads from the .99 cent store.... those I also purchased quite a while ago. I used jump rings to attach them to a piece of chain and toggle clasps ( or course ) for the closures.

i thought that adding real crystals would really showcase the fake plastic blue beads = but = it actually isn't that bad. I especially love the silver wire cage i made for the beads on the left....

..... that's it for now, hopefully i will get the rest of my photos on here b weeks end to make up for the MONTH AND A HALF that i did not post stuff.

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