Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Micheal's plastic beads, earrings and bracelets

so much for up-dating every few weeks -lol! I have been busy with all sorts of crafts and making jewelery etc. in my spare time. I have quite a few things to share but will be breaking it down into individual posts.

here are a few things I have made in the last little while. I found these pretty plastic beads at Micheal's for $2.99, there was 2 packages and they were sitting there forever. I wanted to buy them both, but just grabbed the 1 package = big mistake ext time i am buying EVERYTHING!!!!! I always regret it when i don't snap u these bargains.

I loved working with these coloured plastic beads..... they are very pretty and easy to work with.

Not sure what fashion caps refers to, but i love these watery colours.... the pearls do not seem to go well with their matched colours, though.

i totally regret not buying more of these. it seems that these types of clear plastic beads are hard to find.

for $2.99 ( reg. $5.49 ) this was an awesome deal and i have already used these in quite a few pieces of jewelery.

I used silver ovals from a 'too long for me' de-constructed necklace and the clear beads and pearls from the package. I painted the purple beads with Sally Hansen Chrome polish on moonstone chrome.... that polish sticks to beads like no-ones business. I don't really like the loops showing but I ran out of silver head pins..... I might get all anal retentive and change out the silver with I used for proper head pins.

I like this aqua colour with silver - it is very summer-ey to me

these definitely need to be re-worked, with proper head pins for the dangle gem in the middle. I also painted the large clear bead at the bottom middle with nail polish......

and some dull/matte silver chain and head pins with the purple beads.....
 not sure why this photo is so fuzzy.......

I painted some plain white plastic pearls with sally Hansen chrome nail polish..... that polish is really sticking to the plastic beads - which I washed and dried first. I affixed these beads to wire and then added them to a 1 3/4" chain and ear wires. To the clear faceted plastic beads I added a seed bead to keep them on the wire.

and a few bracelets I made. I haven't added the toggle clasp to these yet. I used beads I had in my stash, and the purple beads from the package of $2.99 beads from Micheal's.

.....and another angle

the big square beads that came in the package are odd.... I don't really know what to do with them. For the center bracelet I just made loop wires and attached them to make a bracelet. The other two bracelets are a mix of the Micheal's beads, some seed beads, silver beads from the .99 cent store and some black round beads from a necklace I didn't wear anymore and re-fashioned. The bracelet on the far left has some real crystal beads as well....

and here is a project I hope to finish before summer is over. seed beads with that Black Nylon stuff I found at my favirote dollar store in town. My goal is to make every colour of the rainbow in seed beads..... these dont take long but as you can see in the last photo.... are a little hard to maneuver all the rings to get it aligned perfectly. I used masking tape to co-ordinate all the rings to lay flat.

thankfully i found that bargain package of crimp beads a few months ago and i plan on painting them over with wet n wild black creme nail polish anyway..... so that they blend into the black nylon string =oh and these definitely need a smaller silver jump ring to attach the ear-wire to the actual earring.

lol on the left - i will probably have to re-make quite a few of these if i plan to create this design in all the colours of seed beads I have..... using masking tape to flatten and align these earrings helps alot.... when I start on this project i will add better ( non-fuzzy lol ) photos with tutorials. This is an awesome idea for someone who makes jewelery to sell as it would be cheap and easy.

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