Tuesday, May 17, 2011

some new things I whipped up

I have almost used up all the beads from this little package! There is still alot of pastel seed beads, though. I put some effort into finding a way to arrange these so that the crimp bead that connects the nylon string would be hidden or blend in better with the bead designs.

I used an assortment of other beads I had on my stash, and the package from the DollarRama.
 from the Dollar-Rama ( Canada )

 I used that black nylon plastic stuff, some thicker plastic 'string' and crimp beads.

These are 1 continuous piece of the black nylon string ~ I used 3 crimp bead to create two circles

above & below w/ silver plastic beads & clear seed beads

I don't really like the ones on the right........

...and a few more styles

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Janella said...

These are pretty!