Saturday, June 18, 2011

new stuff I bought - May/June 2011

above and below; here are some goodies I picked up at Micheal's last month. I am still waiting for their display of discount/clearance jewelry to be 50 cents each. However I have acquired a tonne of jewelery fix'ns in the last year at low, low prices.

this post is a few things I have picked up over the last month.

I picked these up at Portage La Prairie, Manitoba walmart on Clearance for $1.00 each. Walmart in Canada has  re-vamped it jewelery making section, and have raised their prices. It is still cheaper to hit up Micheal's with your 40% off coupon and get the same types of beads at Micheal's instead of Walmart.

They still sell these exact same beads - but have changed the packaging - sorry I missed out on this clearance in my town - but really, I could go without buying seed beads for at least a decade and be just fine.

I got this jewelery set at Micheal's on clearance for 13 bucks! one of the cases of seed beads was missing  (it was the pinks and yellows). I really didn't need to buy this, but I did want those copper, zinc and steel coloured metallic seed beads and the dark smokey black seed beads.

This is a terrible way to store seed beads because these plastic cases are poorly made, and so they pop open and all the beads will fall out. Thats why it was on clearance because the pink/yellow case exploded in the store. It took me almost 40 minutes to tape up sections, pour them into the zip lock bags  and  to keep them separated while I transferred them into the zip-lock bags pictured below.

There is very few pairs in this collection of glass beads that came along in this jewelery making kit but I am sure that I can whip up some pretty bracelets and necklaces with these. I already had a good pair of rounded jewelery pliers. The crimp beads and silver wire will come in handy.

- there is a tonne of seed beads in this cute little set -


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