Friday, May 6, 2011

Dollar Rama seed-bead earrings

Here are a few pairs of earrings I made with seed-beads from the DollarRama and some clear jewelery string. It is not shiny - it is matte which is what I was looking for. I found this at a thrift store and am not sure what it is exactly. Because fishing line is shiny, and I havent seen a matte silver-ish nylon string type product at micheals before..... maybe it is from the future.

First the purple earrings in the top left hand are beads from the DollarRama as well. I used black Nylon string from the .99 cent store in my town, and some small silver beads that I had from way back.

that black nylon string stuff which is seriously awesome and going to last forever.....

and beads from the Dollar Rama, there are 4 different colour sets available at my DollarRama, Purple, Pink, Blue and Clear..... Really I should own one of each by now but I am trying to pace myself with my acquirement of jewelery products. Plus I could not make anything for a few weeks ( boooooooo )

here are the seed beads from the DollarRama, I have made a few pairs of earrings and barely put a dent in these tubes.

...............and another angle..... I have already made quite a few pairs of the tear-drop shaped earrings and wanted to try circles. those are two circles strung with beads and closed with a crimp bead, and held together with a jump ring, so they move independent of each other.... I still want to add a small crystal in a corresponding colour to each of these earrings.... so they are not really finished yet.

The large teal tear drop earrings and the very bottom circle earrings were made with beads from this necklace below.

( from a haul last summer at Ardene stores - 5 for $10 )

I thought it would be economical to buy bargain beads on a necklace that was discounted at a store, but you actually get waaaaaaaaay more of a quantity of beads in these types of vials, or baggies. For the teal chain above, I needed that  EXACT silver chain for another project - i utilized the silver charms for a charm bracelet, and used the small glass beads for the above earrings. I was looking for teal beads in the lightest colour from that necklace forever and could not purchase any in stores.

a recent charm bracelet

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