Wednesday, May 4, 2011

new sequin earrings & Painted filigree pieces

  a few sequin earrings I have made last week. I cut my finger badly in late February, and could not do much detailed crafty things. I never realized how important that small area of MY LEFT HAND and index finger was. I regret that I take things like this for granted.

I found some very beautiful opalescent and duo-chrome-ey sequins at an awesome dollar store in Grant Park mall in Winnipeg, Manitoba, as well as some new ear wires. There is photos below, some are also holographic= what an awesome find.

For the sequin earrings above I made some black jump rings with wire and painted my filgree earring bases with Wet n Wild Black nail polish. ( I let that dry overnight ) I also made some black ear-wires. I have tried to make ear-wires several times and they never turn out - but these I can live with. I used 20 gauge black wire for and painted the exposed copper area with Wet n Wild Black nail polish. This nail polish is a perfect match for the black wire found at Micheal's craft store.

 These were part of a pair of earrings I bought at The DollarRama, I cut them apart using a pair of tin snipers, and  FILED THE EDGES with an old metal nail file. Be careful - these were sharp after cutting. Also be sure to not breathe in any dust from filing them, who knows what these are made of.

I left a few packages at the store for someone else- believe me I wanted to purchase them all!!!!!

... and the Sequins

The silver chain earrings below were made from the cross necklace; I de-constructed parts of it, made a charm bracelet wit the crosses, and used some of the chain to make these earrings. I lost almost 2 months of fiddling around with jewelry because of my injury, but I have whipped up some awesome things in the last 2 1/2 weeks. Now I just have to photograph them, take photos and post!

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