Monday, February 14, 2011

some things I whipped up - Feb 7th to 13th 2011

What I accomplished this week; I fixed up a too-big-for me necklace by making it smaller and removed some of the components and whipped up a pretty pair of earrings and a bracelet... I still have a few things to make with the material I took off of it. The shortened necklace is above, along with the earrings I made and the bracelet.

Below, the earrings in the top row on the left, and the earrings first on the bottom row used to be 1 earring.... they were very heavy and too big so I cut them apart, filed the jagged edges with an old metal nail file and added chains to them. I am not finished with the pair on the bottom, I still need to add more swooping chain and some jump rings to tie them together ( make sense? no I will have a better description when I finish this pair of earrings )

This is the original necklace, I took off those silver round things, and the two chain fringes on the side so it only has 1 fringe in the very center.

another beautiful hand model pose..... I missed my calling

accomplishments - Feb 7th to Feb 13th

I am still enjoying making these simple and easy earrings out of that black nylon string stuff that I found at the dollar store in my town. I used fold-able crimp beads from Micheal's, those things are fabulous. Since they are gold, and I am trying to use up the package I have before I buy anymore, I painted them black ( Wet n Wild Black Creme)

I strung on some silver and black beads, sooooooooo easy! I haven't added the ear-wire yet, its actually easier to take a photo without it,

and another pair.... the silver beads that look like grenades were found at my favirote dollar store in town. I used some random black circular beads and the beads I re-purposed from a beaded hair accessory that I didn't use anymore.

These were components from a necklace I found at dollarrama last weekend. I dismantled it and so far have put these together.

I did not take a proper photo of this necklace..... but it is very pretty, just a little too heavy for me.

This stuff is so awesome, there was two packages of these at my favirote dollar store...... just sitting there for months. I do recall picking them up and wondering they were for and what I could do with them, I am so glad I bought them because using this material has been fun and the earrings I have made are versatile, and definitely the easiest. I would love to find this in different colours one day!

Here is a sampling of some of the earrings I have made using this black nylon string. It is possible to make lightweight but bulky earrings.  I have used regular crimp beads, as well as those fabulous folding crimp beads from Micheal's. Next time I visit Micheal's I will hunt around EVERY section to see if this material is available, it may not even be for beads or jewelery.

Here is a package of crimp beads I purchased at Micheal's this weekend, 800 crimp beads for $3.99 !!!!!!! Dang that's awesome! I think that the package at Walmart is $2.50 for 100 beads so even at full price this would still be a great deal. STRANGELY I NEVER SAW THIS IN MICHEAL'S during my regular shopping. I must allot time to browse through that store every month, because this is a great deal!

..... and a silver metallic pen from DollarRama, which is awesome, and some necklace bases also from DollarRama. OKAY>>>>> I put on one of those necklaces and I couldn't get it off!!!!! I had to CUT it off, for some reason I kept trying to unscrew the silver component, but it is the actual BLACK piece of wire that you hold onto to unscrew! I panicked and just snipped it off.

seeeeeeeee what I mean. holding and twisting the black part to unscrew.

In conclusion ~ I did not create as much as I wanted to, I started alot of things and did not finish, but I am happy with what I have accomplished this week. My bare minimum goal is to accomplish at least 5 pieces, and I did that.

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