Thursday, May 5, 2011

Michelas and other haul'n

haul from Micheal's over the last few months.

This is a post of some things I have acquired in the last few moths..... I haven't been making as  much stuff as i wanted because I cut my finger and could not hold anything with that hand ( waaaah! ) I am slowly changing all my favirote jewelery to have toggle clasps. I constantly break nails with those ridiculous claw clasps. I would say 1/3 of the time, anything with a claw clasp that I have bought from Icing or Claire's jewelery stores, the claw clasp was either stuck or broken or very difficult to get open and I generally break my nails trying to open them.

On another note all 3 pieces of Jewelery I have purchased at Le Chateau stores in my life-time have fallen apart or were defective. So I never buy stuff from there.....

All The red tags were an additional 50 % off, so I found some good bargains here. I am waiting for these to be on sale for .50 cents each, usually Micheal's has a ridiculous clear out where there is a bin filled with stuff for 50 cents.  I have purchased a few finding and tools that I otherwise would not have, and figured out how to make a tonne of neat stuff this way.

Toggle-Clasps! Yeeeeeeeeah! love these things

Finally - I bought something with a 50% off coupon at Micheal's! 
and there was actually 63 in here, not 60!!!! Bonus!

yippee- I bought some of these last summer ( NOT on sale ) I like this finish and have found some chain that matches this perfectly, as well as some beads to go with this 'look'

I dont really like the deconstructed copper and gold finish, but I thought I should try some out. 


I am leery about black powder coated jewelery fixings.... when I start working with these i hope the finish doesn't come off, but if it does I have my handy-dandy Wet n Wild black nail polish to fix these up.

These 3 things were from another purchase and even though they are on clearance for a good price, they were also supposed to be and extra 50% off! So they need to be taken back for a re-fund.

and some stickers... these are for some jewelery experiments and for my nail art. I need flat rhinestones for a few projects in the works.  I don't know why these were on sale?

whoops! This is upside down

this is supposed to be for knitting, but I saw this on an end-cap at walmart on sale and grabbed it so that I am not always jabbing pins, pliers and other sharp objects where I accidentally cut myself a few months ago.  I always end up hurting the pad of my finger on my left index finger....

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