Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 3 - that wire stuff with crimp beads

Its actually called flexi-wire or soft flex. the BLACK stuff is plastic thread that I purchased at my favorite store.... the .99 cent store ( which is now called Looney Twoons but i still call it the .99 cent store ). It is thin but strong strands of plastic. so far it is working out fabulously. I do have a photo of this product in it's packaging somewhere - I will add it to this blog as soon as I can find it   I just whipped these p yesterday, I have only made a few pairs of earrings with this wire, but so far so good and I can see many more pieces of jewelery made with this wire in my future.

The blue ones above I started at 9:00 and before I knew it it was 1:30! so these actually took waaaaay too long, but they were enjoyable to make.I added beads tot he flexi-wire then added crimp beads on each end. Trying to crimp 2 or 3 strands of wire and beads together is going to take some practice... if it gets all twisted it will not sit properly and look fudged up when I am wearing it. So that's gonna take some trial and error before I get it perfect

what I whipped up in the last 2 days... The pair second from the left is a Work in Progress.... I still wanna add some chain dangling form the center and linked up with the jump rings that are between the silver bezel cut plastic beads.

 On the first pair on the left below, I forgot to add the BEAD TIPS, so I had to improvise by using a jump ring to attach the twosides together as well as attach the ear-wire to the earring ( make sense? lol )

I like how these earrings below are HUGE but I am not happy that they are NOT symmetrical. so I will have to fiddle around with this design beofre I proceed with any more pieces.You can sort-of see that the black wire is twisted and it is not the same on each side of the earring, nor is each earring the same.

 The filigree flower came from the Dollar-Rama, I took apart a pair of two dollar earrings I purchased to use the flowers as a base for some smaller earrings. I added black sequins to jump rings, forming a chain of sequins and added them to the filigree flower. i think these are very pretty. They are light and compact.

My camera and the light source washed this photo our for some reason.... When I use up the rest of the components from the Dollar-Rama earrings I will have to do a post with better photos♥

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