Friday, January 21, 2011

a few more earings with nylon wire

I have to say, that holding the already strung beads and trying to crimp the finishing end together is a huge pain in the bum! The earrings above were okay, but adding 4 or more strands, with beads gets tricky. I have only made 10 or so pairs of earrings with this method and it DOES get easier every time. I love love LOVE these nylon string earrings and am so ready to whip up many more!!!

 what I have made lately......

Below; I made these using nylon wire and bugle beads. I love the crimp beads with the hole in them - I did not think they would hold well and be structurally stable but so far they are fabulous!!!!  I just cut graduated lengths of the nylon wire, connected 1 end with the crimp bead with the hole and then stung the beads. I made sure both earrings were even before I closed the other end with the crimp bead.

I 'stole' a strand of the brown wire from an older necklace of mine, If I dint peruse that dollar store often I would not have recognized what this black nylon string was = I LOVE THIS STUFF! It is a tad trickier than wire - but most of my flexi-wire gets kinks in it, where this doesn't seem to show kinks and 'de-formations' like the flexi-wire does.

The earrings on the far left are made with flexi-wire.

 These shiny shimmery bugle beads were a $1.00 each at a dollar store - how awesome is that?

They actually had quite alot of beads and sequins at that shop, Its the same place I found those black holographic and black flat matte sequins.

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