Friday, January 21, 2011

whoops! Iwas supposed to post this yesterday

I made these earrings with brown/copper coloured nylon wire, those folding crimp beads with  the hole in them, some gold jump rings and gold ear-wires.

most of these beads were from some excess beaded trim that I had laying around that was too small to do anything with, I found it at fabric land on clearance for 2 bucks a meter.

The necklace that I 'borrowed' the copper/brown nylon wire from.I snipped two strands off and made a pair of matching earrings.

 .... these things are a light gold finish, I paint them with Black nail polish for most of my earrings that were not gold.... I'll have to swing by Micheal's and try to find some silver ones.

Its hard to explain, but basically the two sides of this metal crimp bead fold over each other with the nylon wire encased inside -  I love these things and am glad I snagged them at Micheal's craft store for 50 cents in summertime -otherwise  I never would have purchased these as  I had no idea what they were used for.

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