Friday, December 31, 2010

what I've been up to Dec 31st.....

SEQUINS!!!!! I finally found black sequins, and not just black sequins, but FLAT black sequins and HOLOGRAPHIC black sequins..... as well as plain shiny sequins. Most of these earrings I made by adding a sequin to a jump ring, then creating a chain of jump rings with sequins attached... some I added 2 sequins to    the jump ring, then added the next jump ring in-between ( with 2 sequins)

I feel like I am really bad at explaining this, so I will need to do a better picture step by step post on that. I love how much light reflects from the shiny silver sequins.... I really have to find a better way to photograph my jewelery....

Its super-duper fun to whip these up, making these is kinda mindless - I just throw a movie on and make stuff.

Since it is Dec31- and tomorrow is a start of the new year I dont want to be a negative Nelly but I did want to make more things in 2010 - but tomorrow is a new beginning, and I have tonnes of idea and tonnes of beads and wire from the dollar store...... Only my sore hands and wrists can prevent me from reaching my goals♥♥♥

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BoldNBeautiful Makeup said...

I love these!
They look fairly easy to make I can't wait to get started. I saw a kit at walmart do you reccomend it?