Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 2010.... so far - so good

 Above - The first pair on the left are huge! I am very happy with these, they are bulky but light♥ They are made with the gems and jump rings, I bent a wire and put loops on each end then gently bent in the center.

 I did not make as many pieces as I had hoped too lately, I am always up to some craft, or messing around on the internet - I find that my hands get sore alot faster lately, so I only managed to make a few pieces.

For anyone who visits this blog; 
1. Do you make/re-fashion jewelery?
2. How do you decide what to make? 
3. Where do you get your inspiration from.
4. When you see a nice pair of earrings or a bracelet, do you think you could make it? 
5. Where do you get your supplies from?

I aspire to post on this blog - deez-jewelz - at least every 2 weeks ( or more), the next time I check in I will answer those Q's above.

I made most of the black jump rings with wire by wrapping it around a b-b-q skewer, I wish I could find a thicker wire than 26 gauge in black in my town - becuase this is a little too thin for me. I also will be adding a small amount of black polish to all the raw edges of my wire,  I can really see the center of the wire material on alot of these earrings.....

Below; these 3 at the top are made using chain, wire and the gems. simple and easy. The two on the bottom I made by adding a plastic bi-cone bead to a jump ring and added it to a chain....those are very easy to do a swell.

L- jump ring & graduated chain, I think I need to add more chain graduations to this, they look a little skimpy. I also have to close the jump rings a little tighter and add a small amount of Black nail polish to side the copper . The earrings on the right need a little something else; not sure what, I may just add another gun-metal crystal hanging from a small piece of chain from the ear wire to fill up that empty pace.

these are the gem things I found at Fabric land... I bought ALOT. they were 50 cents each, regularly $1.98 to $4.98. I personally wouldn't pay more than 50 cents for these, because they are totally trashed and scuffed up just from being in the package. I purchased some non- shiny ones and they will be okay to sew onto my clothes ( eventually ). But these shiny ones will go through the laundry once or twice and be scuffed up and damaged in no time. The holes were also closed up so I had to forcefully stick a tack in each hole, so I could put jump rings through them.

so far this week ( I hope to whip up a few more earrings this weekend, and possibly some bracelets, too♥)The trick is for me to have all my beads and stuff out in the open at home, and not in a container under my bed ( lol) otherwise, I do not finish as much stuff as I like to. This goes for all my crafty endeavors =  I need to have it in my face or I casually forget all about it.

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Kittyluvscolor said...

Hi! Glad I found your blog, I luv home made earrings! My sis makes them too. I think your work is awesome! Well Done :)